Beautiful, 100% Custom Websites, Complete!

*Simply contact us for free consultation.


*Commercials starting at $1,500.00

Video Production costs:
One camera operator – $100.00 per hour (2 hour min.)
All editing/postproduction and one operator – $85.00 (2 hour min.)
Call for Script/Music/Voiceovers/Actors

Videotape made into DVD From: VHS videotape, Hi-8 videotape, Video 8 videotape, Digital 8 videotape, Mini-DV videotape, or any Firewire hard drive or Firewire Video camcorder. Flash memory & hard drive camcorders typically require that you bring in your camcorder to us.

To DVD: Starting From $49.95 with Free Extra DVD Copy! Additional DVD copies with DVD case: $6.95 each.

This price is for a dub from only one or two tapes. Your limit is 2 hours total for the DVD.

Color DVD Package: We can print your design or picture in full color directly onto the DVD in small quantities with our high resolution disc printers. Call us if you need graphic design help.

DVD Editing Package: We custom edit your video with you live in our studio or from your written instructions. We edit video and do restoration at a very low price of $85/hour. We then make a custom DVD menu and print in color directly on the disc.

Call us at 503-873-9065 for an appointment.

We can export your video file in many different formats ( mp4, avi, quicktime, etc. for the web or other uses.) Multiple sources to single DVD are an extra charge & depend on what you want made. Quantity discounts for large collection transfers.

Duplications: Call or e-mail us for quotes.


Transfer Photos to Video for Presentations. Prices are in addition to video production cost of $85.00 per hour.

1-100 photos to video $5.50 each
101-201 photos to video $5.25 each
202-302 photos to video $5.00 each
303 + photos to video $4.75 each
Titles Add Titles to your video picture $10.50 each
Music Supplied by BMP $50.00
Slides Transfer your slides to video $6.00 each

One copy of the video is included with the production of photos to video, additional copies are available at the duplication rates above.

All photos MUST be numbered on the back (DO NOT USE PEN) and put in order.  Photos must be removed from albums, frames, books, etc… Additional fee for photos that are not removed from frames, albums, books, etc…

You must own the photographs or have the copyright’s for all materials submitted to Broccoli Media Productions.
*All prices subject to change without notice – Some restrictions may apply