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The relative newness of the Internet as a business tool, coupled with its fast growth, requires resources not readily available, in-house, to most businesses.  Under such circumstances the possibility of embarking on the wrong path or hiring the wrong people is higher than average. Additionally, since adopting the Internet requires a variety of disciplines which most businesses can not afford, finding the right Internet outsource partner is of paramount importance.
Broccoli Media has helped many companies, first to gain an understanding of the resources and strategies required to achieve success with the Internet and second by making these resources available to them.
Our services include:

  • Internet needs assessment.
  • Development of Internet business and marketing plans.
  • Development of Internet Design and placement.
  • Partnership for ongoing maintenance and/or consultation.

Putting Broccoli Media’s consultants to work for you is the first step towards success on the Internet.  Our team of experts is made up of highly skilled professionals ready to assist in the development of your web needs, from beginning to end.  At Broccoli Media we measure our success by the success of our clients.  When you are ready to embrace the Internet and truly devote the resources necessary to successfully launch an Internet presence, let Broccoli Media be your Internet design provider.

NEEDS ASSESSMENT Key to the success of a Web presence is: understanding the capabilities of the Web and how they relate to your company.

This needs to be a thoughtful process, which if managed properly will help your company prioritize its efforts in terms of return on investment and availability of resources.
To gain further understanding of the capabilities of the web and how they can benefit your company please review our Internet needs evaluation questionnaire or contact us to talk to one of our advisors.

BUDGETING AND PLANNING Budgeting of a Web presence is no small task, it depends on several yet equally important factors like:

  • Does your business have internal capabilities to develop a professional Web site?
  • How fast do you want to start generating business via the Web?
  • What amount of training of your staff is required to maintain and service your Web site?
  • What hardware and software do you need to support your Web presence?

Many Web sites have failed to achieve any meaningful results because of poor budgeting and planning. So, before you spend any money building a Web site, make sure to talk with a professional.

INTERACTIVITY / INTEGRATION The great majority of sites for small and medium size business are basically online brochures. This means that a large part of the Web capabilities are not being used and the opportunity to grow the business using the Web as a tool become limited.
Online brochures (Static sites) are better then nothing but visitors will not come back if your site does not provide fresh information periodically.
An interactive Web site will allow you to tap into existing company information (databases) so that your customers can access the most up-to-date information, it will also allow you to collect information about your customers and visitors, it will allow you to send information easily and at a low cost.
To find out more about making your Web site interactive and to integrate your company information painlessly into the web, contact Broccoli Media today.

WEB STAFFING In the business world it is a well-known fact that to see an initiative succeed you must have the right person at the helm of the project. This will insure that the project does not get abandoned or neglected. This right person cannot be an outsider unless he has a full time commitment to your organization. For the ” right person ” to succeed your company must provide the right tools, staffing and training.
Broccoli Media helps companies evaluate their staffing needs as well as providing the necessary training for the successful attainment of your Web presence objectives.

TRACKING MODIFYING The constant and fast evolution of the Internet requires that companies constantly review the results of their efforts and implement new technologies as necessary to maintain a leadership position on the Internet.
Having a knowledgeable Internet resource company  (partner) is vital to staying in tune with the right Internet technology.
Broccoli Media’s experienced staff is ready to assist you in this effort.