Website Design

Web Site Design and Marketing

Design that Works

We believe design works in three ways:
It illuminates content by providing structure and consistency.
It reinforces or expands your identity, allowing each communication to contribute to your audience’s perception of your company. And it elicits an emotional response, drawing people in and giving you more opportunity to communicate your message. Beginning with this understanding, we work hard so your communications will work hard for you.

Identity Design
A corporate identity captures in visual form the culture of your company and the quality of your products or services. But distilling your company’s persona, mission, and market approach into a single gesture or emotion that can be conveyed by a stand-alone image is a complex process. Researching your market, your audience, and your competition, we’ll work with you as your own personal “visual detective” to discover the best solution for your company’s identity.

Web Site Design

For every opportunity the Web gives businesses to convey complex ideas and information, it poses a new challenge to present information in a clear, meaningful way. At Broccoli Media Productions, we’re experts at combining cutting-edge graphic and information design with advanced technology to build Web- and intranet-based business solutions.

Web-Commerce and Database Applications

Web-based applications allow you to display non-static information on the Web directly from your company database, as well as to capture information provided by your Web site visitors. For everything from online directories to elaborate media-rich catalogs, we offer services designing, developing, and implementing database solutions that help clients apply technology effectively to achieve their business goals and maximize their return on investment.